Friday, May 4, 2007

Yeah, eat the bees, thanks

Good job assbird. Yeah, just munch away. Mmmm... you taste that? It's the taste of the apocalypse. Pretty good huh? Me? Do I want one? No, I'm fine. I prefer snacks that don't lead to the extinction of all life on earth, but maybe that's just me.

Worst bird ever.


LastBeeBuzzing said...

I'm no botanist, but that bird in the picture appears to be a humming bird. Bees and humming birds have been fighting for centuries. But, I fear, the bees may have lost.

dustin said...

That's not a hummingbird. It's a rainbow bee-eater. They're called that because they eat bees. The jury is still out on whether they're made out of rainbows though.

LastBeeBuzzing said...

My bad. You're actually right. Found an article on them here.