Friday, June 17, 2011

Somethin something bees

You know, people are always sending me articles about bees. Every time a bunch of bees swarm a telephone pole it's like "OH BEE GUY YOU WILL LOVE THIS." Yeah, well guess what? I don't loves it. All that bee jazz? That's just a distraction. That's just the Man trying to move our attention from the real bee news. Oh, all life on Earth is about to end because we're destroying the food chain by killing off bees with pesticides but guess what: THERE'S A LOT OF BEES OVER THERE ON THAT STOP SIGN!!!! Oh wow, that man is using smoke to get the bees away! Smoke—wow, amazing! Hey, you know what, you'll be seeing a lot of smoke one day soon—smoke coming from the wreckage of civilization as the last survivors of the great age of man cook rats over burning garbage.
Happy Friday you buncha bee-murdering assholes.