Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Oh nice, a bee. Look at him, chillin there, doing his bee thing, pollinating and what not and just—wait a second! That's not a bee! That's a fucking bee fly! Look at that fake fuck. You think we can't tell, huh buddy? You think that little act is going to work on us? You think we'll pick you up and stick you in a hive with some hot bee sluts and all the honey you can suck? Well think again!
Oh wait, what's that? You help pollinate stuff too? Really? Hmmm... maybe we can talk about this. You got friends? Holler at me, toll free — 1-800-BEE-EEES.


Anonymous said...

I called the number it did not work? Is there a country code?

Horseface said...

I got through and all I heard was a weird beeping noise. BEEping. BEEp BEEp BEEp. Get it?

Anonymous said...


Sugar Baron said...

"To the BEE-Mobile!"

"You mean your Chevy?"