Sunday, May 20, 2007

Weekend Beepdate

Some dork says he's figured out how to protect the bees. He uses some mix of lemon grass and spearmint, which he conveniently sells under the name Honey B Healthy. Is he trying to save the world or just make a quick buck off the suffering of billions? Either way, he's an old nerd.

Illinois' bees are apparently still fine. Too bad the same can't be said for their journalists. I'd think you'd have to be either sick or just stupid to start a news report on the end of the world like this: "Bill Buckley's bees are beloved." HAHAHA! It's about BEES and all the words start with the letter B! Get it? BEES! Douche bag.

And the LA Times starts off their coverage of today's bee death with an awesome paragraph about how the whole world is going to starve, only to pussy out and sugar coat the truth with some crap about how plum harvests are up this year. Fucking liberal media.

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