Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bees found in Denever: Idiots report

Some bees were found on a branch in Denver and it made the local news. Yet there's barely a mention of the bee emergency. Apparently, just finding some bees is news enough for Denver. Isn't Denver a real city? Aren't they past the stage in a town's growth where "Stray Kitten Found on Elm Street" is considered breaking news?
Anyway, their bee coverage was pretty pathetic. I mean, they didn't even try:
"Swarms of bees have BEE-sieged some parts of downtown."
"Arturo, I hate to ask but, what's the buzz?"
"I was busy as a bee, Jim, putting this story together."

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LastBeeBuzzing said...

We can't rely on the media to understand the bee crisis. That's why we need blogs like this as a forum to discuss the real bee issues.