Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Holy shit

Look at this sack of crap. Is this what passes for a bee these days? He doesn't even have wings! And I'm sure he can't pollinate for shit. I bet he can't even tell an anther from a stigma. Pathetic. We're doomed. Might as well start shooting heroin now and at least enjoy the last few months before we run out of food.


thejunkyswife said...

I'm scared of the dead bees. I am scared of how on the news they'll say, "The bees are dying. This will make food prices rise..." as if rising food prices are what we have to worry about and not THE END OF THE WORLD.

bizman said...

I bet that kid can't even fly. what a chump.

Joshua said...

conan o'brien once said that he was frustrated by the Onion because they came up with ideas that he should have come up with first.

that's how i feel about this blog. brilliant.