Friday, May 18, 2007

Mustache fly steals bee ho

What the hell is going on here? Okay, she's not the hottest bee in the world, she could use a few sit-ups, but there's no reason to go off with some ugly fly with a mustache. It's disgusting! I mean, look at that—his hairy little legs are all over her thorax! Now, I don't mean to sound old fashioned here, but I believe that bees belong with their own kind. Hey, nothing wrong with flies. Let him go meet a nice fly girl and have fly babies. But flies and bees? They just don't mix. Just think about their children. How confused are they going to be? Should I make honey? Should I eat poop? Should I go suck on some pollen? Should I go lay eggs in a dead squirrel's eyes? It's just not right. All I know is that in my day, a bee wouldn't be caught dead even flying down the street with a fly.

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