Thursday, May 3, 2007

Can you hear me now? Not if you're dead.

Some people think cellphones are killings are the bees. How? Through the radiowave electro magnetism cellphone magic shit flying through the air everyday. Think about it: some studies say cellphones cause tumors in people heads. Now think about how tiny a bee head is. Basically, it's like we're all playing baseball and batting against Roger Clemens who is in an angry mood because he just got done beating one of his kids and humans get to wear batting helmets while bees can only wear wet paper bags. Not fair, is it Verizon?
Of course this theory is really bullshit because when was the last time you saw a bee talking on a cellphone? Never.
Because they're so small. And because they're bees.

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LastBeeBuzzing said...

That's crazy about the cellphones. Bees don't even have hands!!