Monday, July 30, 2007

Wind-powered checkers-playing suction cup bee

Okay, so here's this bee right, and what he does is, well, um, okay, you see, he's got wings on both sides, not on his back, and the wings are like propellers see, and, um, in the middle of his chest there's this huge hole and in the hole there's a tube attached to his propellers, and, like, there's this string wrapped around the tube and on each end of the string there are checkers, and instead of feet he has a giant suction cup. So what you do is, you stick this bee up on your window and then when the wind blows he plays checkers. And that's what's happening to the bees. Bet your fancy bee experts didn't predict that one.


Anonymous said...

That's not even a real bee.

double anonymous said...

You're not even a real asshole.