Monday, July 16, 2007


Bush thought that upon invading Iraq, the Iraqis would turn into bees and make us all honey, according to this report right here. If this is true, you've got to hand it to Bush. Who wouldn't want an entire country of bees, especially these days. I wonder if there would be a little bee president who'd give little bee press conferences and get tiny bee hand jobs from mini bee interns. Could a bee even get a hand job? If they could I bet it would be awesome because bees have six hands. Although I don't know if six hands would really make a better hand job. What would all those hands do? Unless there's that much bee thing to go around, which would be impressive, although possibly a hindrance to flight. Or perhaps it could serve as some sort of stabilizer, like a natural tail fin. Yup, maybe Bush was right after all.

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