Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bee con of hope

Who would have thunk it: Ex-cons just might be the answer to the bee problem. It says here on CBS News that in Chicago, ex-gang members are getting out of jail and becoming beekeepers. So now they have jobs, the bees have jobs, everyone has honey, everyone has money, nobody has to commit crimes, and the food chain isn't going to collapse. It's a great plan. I say why stop with ex-cons? Let's fill our prisons with beehives and get some prison labor going on here. Why not? It works for China. I mean, sure, some people say prison labor is wrong, but hey, why not put criminals to use? Why should we just let them sit around and work on their pectoral muscles and rape each other? Right now jail is basically like criminal training camp. If we throw some bees in there, everyone benefits - the bees, the prisoners, mankind, your mom, hippos, donkeys, some guy sitting on a chair in Tennessee, Cowboy Curtis, Don, Pete, Cindy, Galapanzar X, Kakjshdkja324, and you.

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homer simpson said...

Bees are on the what now?