Monday, July 9, 2007

She gave me hives

Why are the bees all dead? Maybe because our beekeepers are a bunch of perverts. Maybe if they weren't so busy humping everything that moves and then writing about it, the rest of us wouldn't have to plan for the apocalypse. That's right, the bees are dying from neglect while their keeper sluts are out whoring it up — and using the bees to do their filthy business. Says one beekeeper: "You can spoon-feed your guest a fresh taste from your hive and wipe away the drip with your finger. Then you can sample it too, and lick your lips while moaning with delight." Yeah, great. Half the vegetation on Earth is about to go extinct while this beekeeper pornstar is out there putting the HO in HONEY.


Anonymous said...


visit this blog:

Andre Benjamim

dustin said...

Do not visit the Andre Benjamin blog. It is not in English and it is not about bees. Teodoro, you should be ashamed of yourself. When the bees are gone and all law breaks down, I will hunt you down like a three-legged dog who won't have the chance to ask me if I shot your pa because you'll be dead.