Friday, July 27, 2007

Das bees

The bees are gone. Missing. Dead. All over the world. But not in Germany. Not at uncle Engel's house. Read the happy story right here. It's a story about a man in a forest. An old man with bees. Bees that one day up and died or disappeared, leaving a sad old man to cry into his delicious German beer which he drinks at room temperature out of an ancient stein passed down through his family for ages. Then one day, something amazing happened. The bees came back. Just recently. The bees are back in town and right now there is an old man doing a ridiculous German dance to celebrate. Could this be a sign for all of us? Could the bees be making a comeback? Macht Ihre Mutter saugt Eier mit einem Wal? Mögen Sie zum Postamt nur treiben, einen einsamen Elch zu küssen? Gibt es Bienen in Ihrer Hose? Gibt es?


The terminator said...

Ah'll BEE back!

arnold said...

Whatchoo talkin about Skynet?