Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bees in the Middle East

Yes, in its typical timely manner the New York Times has finally chimed in on the bee disaster that has been ruining our lives for almost a year now, but more importantly, they've let us know about a nefarious bee named Nahoul. That's right, Nahoul the bee is a member of Hamas, and he sure don't like the Jews! Really though, should we be teach our kids how to hate? Probably not. But the real question we should be asking is: Should we be using bees to teach our kids how to hate? And the answer is no with a capital N and then also a capital O because it would make a stronger statement to have the whole word capitalized. See, the bees need to be out there pollinating, not polli-hating. Come on Hamas, how are you going destroy Israel when the worldwide food chain is destroyed? Priorities people, priorities.


Anonymous said...

On 7/12 a friend of mine was stung by a suicide bee. The bee stung her and then died. She survived the attack, thank God, but the terror has shaken my community.

I can only hope in the next presidential election we elect a president who kills all those bee-towel-heads.

Anonymous said...
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