Friday, July 20, 2007

Clusters of pain

This is M44, the Beehive cluster. It is easily visible to the naked eye, and known to man since prehistoric times. The cluster is 577 light years distant and roughly 730 million years old. Are the bees here? Have they left our planet for their alien home from where they came millions of years ago in search of pollen? In search of a future? If so, how did they leave our atmosphere without burning up? Do they have little bee spaceships? Or can they bee teleport? Either way, last night I found a dead bee on a flower in my garden and I know his last thoughts were probably "Oh, for one more glance upon the sunny skies of my home—Magalaxnarp 12, the 18th planet circling the 442nd sun of M44, the Beehive Cluster," and if that doesn't bring a tear to your eye than your soul must be 577 light years away from your heart.


Anonymous said...

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General VonBloggerhowser III said...

Knicksgrl, you filthy whore. How dare you try to swindle people here? This site is about bees and bees dying and bees that should be pollinating but are instead out trying to return to their home planet in the sixth dimension. Take your dirty spam elsewhere. By the way, you just won the European Lottery. All I need is your email address, social security number and color copy of your driver's license and passport.

Oh-BEE-Wan-kenobi said...

That's no beehive cluster. It's a space station.