Thursday, June 21, 2007

Benjamin P. Oldroyd is a bee nerd

Benjamin P. Oldroyd thinks he knows all the answers. He just put out an research paper on American bee death and you can read it right here. Who is Benjamin P. Oldroyd? He's a big fat nerd, obviously. But who knows more about bees and science and shit like that than big fat dirty nerds? Look, the dude even had a bee book published. Who read it? Other nerds. That's what they do. They do research stuff and write papers and invent things that are only appreciated by other nerds, as well as dorks and geeks. And what do we do? We mock them. We ridicule them and laugh at their lack of style, inability to get laid and penchant for wearing shorts in the winter. But they're the ones who are out there trying to save the world while we're sitting here doing diddly. Think about that next time you give someone a wedgie.

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