Thursday, August 16, 2007


Things have gotten so bad for the bees that now they're reduced to selling cars to get by. Look at these two. They're so eager it's almost pathetic. I'd almost have to buy that car just out of pity. Maybe that's their strategy. Look at those puppy bee eyes. They probably get all teary, tell you about their bee kids—or larva. Maybe they're brothers and they have some sob story about how they lost their jobs pollinating and couldn't afford rent in their hive, spent some time behind bars after falling into a bad drug habit. Now their clean, and their uncle gave them this job at his dealership. Come on, buy the car. It's yellow. Like a bee. It's got passenger seat airbags and the glove compartment is full of honey. O% financing and no money down, plus 12-month wasp invasion protection. What do you say pal? Is it a deal?


ralph wiggum said...

Let's BEE friends.

Anonymous said...

I hate you

Anonymous said...

I bent my wook-bee.