Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Hello. Hello? Yes. Who is speaking? Mr. Bee? Why hello Mr. Bee! How are you? Not so good? Your entire family just died? Wow, that's horrible. What happened? You don't know? Well, my condolences. Awful, just awful. But on the bright side you seem pretty cheerful. Ah, yes, I agree. When the going gets tough, just smile, throw on your overalls and get back to work. How is work going, by the way? Not so good? It's hard to pollinate solo? I understand, although to be honest, I pollinate solo whenever I get the chance—if you know what I mean! Sometimes it's better than pollinating with my wife! HAHAHA! Hello? Mr. Bee? Hello?


Anonymous said...

Switch to Cingular. The network with the fewest bee calls.

Anonymous said...

orange juice flows freely on the highway.

Verizon Bee said...

Can you sting me now?