Thursday, August 9, 2007

Feeling blue

I told you so. I told you time and time again, this bee thing is no joke. And now look, it's starting. As the Sun Journal reports, Maine's Wilton Farm has stopped picking blueberries. Why? Because there are no blueberries left to pick. Why? BECAUSE THERE ARE NO MORE BEES!!!!!! You want blue, you'll be blue. Blue in the face from trying to find food when there is none. Blue like Miles Davis on heroin when he was all depressed and mean and skinny. Blue da ba dee, da ba BEE! Blue moon, I saw you standing alone, without a hotdog or an apple. Blue whales: they're really big—like your appetite will be when you haven't eaten in weeks. And you'll be flying on JetBlue to escape the riots in your city, but there won't be anywhere to fly to because there will be mayhem everywhere like in 28 days later or some other zombie apocalypse movie or like in The Yellow Submarine when the Blue Meanies took over. Blue blue blue! Sacre bleu! Get it? BLUE!!!


Anonymous said...

I just blue a load.

champyon spellur said...

You can't spell "BLUE" without "B."