Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays! Hey, look what I got you! It's a disgusting bee ornament! Well, not really a bee. It's a person thing with a yellow dishrag on her head, wearing a bee dress, black and white stockings and elf shoes. She does have wings though, so maybe she is some sort of bee-themed fairy. She's also holding onto a bee-colored umbrella and making some weird puffing face. She's actually pretty frightening. Imagine if someone rang your doorbell and you opened the door and a life-size version of this was just standing there, silently puffing away. But anyway, Merry Christmas, fuckface.


B. Brian Blair said...

Hey, it's a Mary Poppins Bee! Whee! See?

Do one about the Killer Bees tag team from the 80s next. Come on.

The Iron Shiek said...

I do not like those Killer Bees. I break their backs, make them humble.