Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Are the bees really busy?!!!

Okay, really?! So now we're not just killing the bees—we're questioning their work ethic! Are you fucking kidding me? Oh yeah, sure, bees, they are lazy fucks. They just hang out in the hive, throw back honey shots, maybe once in a while flutter around a field sniffing flowers. That's about it. Oh yeah wait, there's also that part where they pollinate more than half the crops that feed the human race. Just that. No big deal. It's easy. Not really a job—more of a hobby.
You know what would be better? Blogging. Bees should stop this whole stupid pollinating thing and go churn out some posts. You know, maybe get into the whole meme thing, start a cat Tumblr, that sort of thing.
Yup. Bees, you lazy shit buzzers. Get a job. Seriously.

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