Friday, February 25, 2011

Kid Bee

Now we've really pissed them off. I've been telling you for years — for FUCKING YEARS — and nobody would listen to me. Yup, let's just let the bees die. Let's kill em. Fuck it. Fuck the bees. Who needs em. Yeah they just make food but who needs that shit anyway, right? Well, now we've done gone and done it. We've pissed them off enough, and now the bees are fighting back the best way they know how. Oh yes, they're coming for us. They're going to pick us off one by one. And look who they started with.

Yeah that's right. And who will arrest these bees? The police? No. You? You and whose army? Oh I know, you try to be Optimistic, but it's too late. It's too late for Thom. It's too late for the bees. It's too late for us all. It was a nice dream but now we're high and dry. Now all we can do is sulk and be paranoid. What a let down. We're letting the bees disappear completely, and for what? A matter of dollars and cents? Ha! What a pathetic house of cards we live in. A glass house, if you will, where we throw plenty of stones. Well fuck it. What's the point. Might as well give up. I know I will. You should too. So just relax. Forget about the bees. Accept the inevitable. There, there, go to sleep.

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lezlow said...

well dustin ,last year i noticed in my garden? about 20 dead bees, i thought it may be the cat, i tried to rescue them with a little honey,but they all died,this year i,ve seen ,no bees in garde but about 6 dead bees in my YARD ?1 was alive ,but grounded ,looked like he was dying, so i put him on a floer but no chance? this morning it was dead, what is happening to our bees,nb i do live at weston runcorn, which is on the doorstep of the worlds largest chemicl plant i c i ?